ProJet Smart Additional Options

Optional Benefits of ProJet Smart


  • Reinforced dust collection chamber for 100% filling (based on the height)
  • Bypass line / flaps for top filters
  • Hose fitting with snap ring or wire ring with hose clamps
  • Truck transport or container transport

Surface Treatment

  • Pretreatment Street 2 according to DIN 55928inside: zinc phosphate primer coating 40 microns gray green
  • outside: zinc phosphate base and resin top coat - blue gray (RAL 7031), each 40 microns
  • Handrail and posts (inspection protection): hot dip galvanized
  • Toeboards inspection protection: in filter color
  • Ladder: hot dip galvanized


  • Aligned delivery items on truck, or container transport
  • Pre-assembled Clean gas chamber (cleaning control, valve block)
  • Cages and filter bags loose
  • Steel construction in parts
  • 3x documentation in German or English

Additional Options with Extra Charge

  • More sound insulation and heat insulation measures
  • Drawing supply of steel construction, hopper and housing
  • Special paint
  • More ProTex filter media qualities
  • Connection of other discharge devices
  • Connection to existing clean gas lines
  • Fan with external pipe connections
  • Dust collection and wiring on the raw gas side
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