Special Features of the process filter ProJet Mega

Entstaubung mit dem Prozessfilter ProJet mega
Process filter ProJet Mega in modular Design
  • Distribution of the raw gas through a CFD optimized flow control system
  • CFD optimized design of clean- and raw gas valves with robust pneumatic actuator and minimal flow resistance
  • Valve block with integrated membrane
  • The latest Injector technology 
  • All online and offline modes of operation are implemented in the standard, e.g. semi-offline with low pressure cleaning, low air consumption, maximum tube life.
  • Cleaning control means JetBus controller and residual pressure regulated control
  • Reduced compressed air requirements 
  • Minimized load on the filter bags and increase of operating life
  • Also Equipment with energy efficient ProTex filter media
Schlauchfilter für die industrielle Entstaubung