Cleaning system for the Process Filter ProJet Mega

Maximum intensity of cleaning with the Coanda injector

Crucial importance for the energy-efficient operation of a bag filter system has the injector system with which the jet pulse is generated for the regeneration of the filter media. Intensiv-Filter has developed the Coanda injector and patented. The Coanda injector takes advantage of the so-called Coanda effect in which the beam follows a curved surface. This result in a maximum intensity of cleaning is achieved and accomplished simultaneously efficient separation of the filter cake from the filter medium.

The cleaning control of the new process filter ProJet mega via microprocessor technology and fieldbus systems.  Intensiv-Filter sets for a long time tested and patented JetBus  controller that regulates the cleaning pressure. The timing of the pressure pulses is varied depending on the requirement. Optionally, a fixed timing, or a differential pressure control can be applied with variable cycle times.

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