Dedusting With The ProJet Mega Process Filter

Neue modulare Filterbaureihe ProJet mega
Dedustung, product seperation and gas cleaning with the process filter ProJet Mega

The process filter ProJet mega have been developed for dedusting large volume flows. The variety of parts of the ProJet mega series is significantly reduced while maintaining a maximum number of possible explanations. For a relatively small number of constructive primitives are solely responsible for in-line filter of 1-12 filter chambers (each with 8 injector pipes x 8-17 injectors per row) represented over 600,000 different versions. This account of the different process engineering and structural conditions is supported, which are required for process filters.


The designs range from single chamber filter with 20,000 m3/h   in particular on-line filter for the medium flow range up to very large double filter with 12 meters tube length, 64 filter chambers (x 136 tubes) and a flow rate of 3,000,000 m3/h particularly dust removal, product removal (for e.g. behind furnace processes)  and gas cleaning with dry scrubber can thus be carried out by a single dual filter.

By optimizing the housing flow, the cleaning system and the filter media, the use of filter bag lengths up to 12 m in length is possible.

Bag filter series ProJet mega in 3D visualization showing details, procedures, processes and reactions within the filter system:

Schlauchfilter für die industrielle Entstaubung