Conversion of Electric Filter in Bag Filter

Electric filter conversion in a Bag Filter of the CombiJet Series

The superior technology of bag filters has already caught up with the advantages of electrostatic precipitators. In particular, compliance with current - and in the future even more stringent - typical values for the dust emission is not observed with electrostatic precipitators. Plant operators have still propagated without braking interest in rebuilding an electrical filter system in a Bag house. Intensiv-Filter has demonstrated with a series of successful installations that convert into a bag filter the expectations of the operators and the corresponding emission standards are well below.

With the intensive filter concept electric filter-system can be converted virtually into a Bag house filter. The typical conversion is done in several steps.

  • Removal of the internal components of the electrical filter system, stop the external walls only
  • Removal of the head plate and installation of baffles, filter head modules, Compartments
  • Modification work on the pipes and the dust transport system
  • Installing the service doors, walkways and ladders
  • Installation of the filter elements
  • Installation of the cleaning system
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