The optimum operating point of the filtering installation

Energy efficient filtering installation

Do you know the operation costs of your filter plan? Do you want to operate your plant economical and efficient? Do you want to contribute to the environmental protection and improve the CO2 footprint?

The calculation programme "ProExpertise" analyzes your filter data very impressive. Intensiv-filter has devloped an integrated and innovative calculation programme, which can determine the optimum operation point of a filter plant.

We analyze your actual energy consumption in consideration of all operating parameters (dust type, air-to-cloth-ration, cycle time, filter media, e.g.). At a glance it can be realized if it is more economical to rise or lower for example  the cleaning pressure as one of the variable parameters. We make suggestions to optimize your filter plant and judge the savings potential of your energy demand. At the same time decreased energy cost also mean environmental protection - because less energy demand causes less CO2 emissions.

Questionnaire to analyze a filter plant

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