Redued Pressure Drop with ProTex Filter Media

Annual energy savings with ProTex filter media

ProTex with the filter pressure loss in comparison to conventional filter media may be reduced by more than half. Based on the entire filter system the guaranteed values for the energy consumption and operating costs can be reduced by up to 40%.

The use of high quality microfiber and a special needling ensure optimal surface filtration and low residual pressure drop. In addition, the increase in pressure is significantly reduced within a filtration cycle.

Alternatively, with ProTex - at constant capital and operating costs - the capacity of the filter system can be increased.

Example calculation for a system of stone / earth – Industry
with finely dispersed, mineral dust, based on a filter area of
1,000 m² and an operating time of 8,000 h/a:

Reduce energy costs for the fan of
18,500 € / year to € 11,100 / year.

A savings of 7,400 € per year!

  • Savings of compressed air
  • Long tube life
  • Reduced maintenance costs
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