Foodstuff milk

In the food industry, spraying tower drying plants are used in the production of pulverised goods (milk powder, baby food, etc.).

The exhaust air of the spraying tower drying process is guided via CIP filters in order to avoid product loss. Since the product residues can be recycled into the manufacturing process, the filtering installation will have amortised very soon.

Thanks to fully automatic cleaning of the filters, the installations are suitable for the manufacture of alternating products.

fc_milch_en CIP Filter
1 Outer filter 2 Spray dryer 3 CIP filter 4 External fluidised bed 5 Filling
Filter title IF JC
typical design data Unit of measure CIP filter
Gas volume m³/h < 230,000
Gas temperature °C 80-90
Type of dust   dried milk products
Residual dust content mg/m³ < 10
Raw gas dust content g/m³ 20
Cleaning   online
Filter medium   Polyester
Explosion protected design   yes
Schlauchfilter für die industrielle Entstaubung