Energy process

In the course of power and heat generation from coal, waste gases containing various pollutants, mainly dust, SOx and NOx, are produced.

Fabric filters for dust collection are increasingly needed in particular in smaller, decentralised units. These are capable of filtering extremely low residual dust contents. The solid heavy metals are also separated together with the dust.

Intensiv-Filter filtering installations reduce emissions in this branch of industry as well.

fc_energie_en Filter for smoke gas cleaning
1 Flue gas cleaning 2 Filter for flue gas cleaning 3 Ventilator 4 Chimney
5 Coal 6 Coal grinding plant 7 Ventilator 8 Heat exchanger
9 Combustion plant 10 Turbine and generator 11 Power 12 Water vapour discharge
13 River water 14 Ash discharge        
Filter title PJM
typical design data Unit of measure Hard coal power station
Gas volume m³/h 2 - 3 mio
Gas temperature °C 180
Type of dust   Fly ash
Residual dust content mg/m³ 5
Raw gas dust content g/m³ 5
Cleaning   online / offline
Filter medium   PTFE/PI, GL